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About Black Is Bliss

The name Black is Bliss is derived from the understanding that as we seek union with divinity in the practice of yoga, we are aligning ourselves with the divine background, the center and broad expanse of the dark universe, the blackness of space, from which we’ve all been created and live within. The goal of our meditation practice being to go beyond and uncover our inner peace, it is a gateway to experience the bliss that is our birthright as a prevailing life condition. Black is Bliss.



“Words cannot truly describe my energy healing experience, but in order to give Alex his well deserved props, this is my best shot. This was my first energy healing session with him, but it definitely will not be my last. During our session, I could feel the anxiety and tension leaving my physical body and spirit, and what was left was love and peace. That sense of having years of pain lifted from my body and mind is invaluable to me, and well worth the fee. I look forward to my next session, and plan to have regular sessions with Alex. He truly has a gift.”

- Lum Fobi


My name is Jana Johnson and I've recently had the pleasure of doing an energy healing session with Alex. This was my first time ever doing this and it was definitely a comfortable and relaxing experience. I appreciated the tone Alex set for the session as I was able to fully relax, breathe, and enjoy the experience. I could feel the energy flowing in my body as a light internal tickle, mainly in my feet and lower legs. I would absolutely encourage any other curious being to try an energy healing session with Alex and enjoy the many benefits of keeping your energy flowing! :)

- Jana Johnson


I've known Alex for a while and am very familiar with the abundance of positive energy he possesses. However, I was still skeptical to do a healing session with him. During the entire session I felt the transference of his positive energy to me and the peace that followed. It was a great experience and I hope to have another healing session with him soon!

- Ashley Julian