Be Here Now.



The healing services offer two simple important pillars, Meditation (self-care) and Energy Healing (other care). More than any other practice, Meditation is the best way to discover the true self within that can provide our lives with the care we deserve; while Energy Healing offers everything from treating a host of physical conditions to uprooting many of the deeper emotional, mental and psychological problems.

The Meditation Class focuses on providing the student with context for understanding Meditation, provides firm mechanics and supporting information that will help one develop a valuable and well-founded practice, and aids the student in incorporating Meditation into her or his own distinct way of life. The level of the class is also tailored around any level of comfort or familiarity with Meditation from the beginner level to advanced. Both one-on-one and group classes are offered.

The Energy Healing session is centered on honing in on and releasing each individual's most vitally intruding maladies to alleviating simpler conditions of stress, anxiety, muscle pain, etc. It is a process propelled to truly transform the body and the mind bringing them both to a greater, noticeably effective state of health. It is healing from the inside out. These sessions are one-on-one and guaranteed to leave each and every client feeling "much lighter" than before they arrived.


My goal as a healer is for people to truly gain something from their experience. Whether its something as simple as making one day better or helping someone overcome a hurdle they have been trying to surmount, there is nothing like knowing you have helped changed someone's life for the better. This is the true nature of our humanity, community.


"In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separate us. Don't let your eyes deceive you."

- Janet Jackson



Q: What is meditation?

A: Meditation is the practice of seeking oneness with self by experiencing the stillness within. This practice manifests in a multitude of ways through a variety of techniques. However, each practice should be founded upon specific yoga techniques that provide the stability to build a successful practice. Many of these techniques are covered in my meditation course and introductory classes.


Q: What is energy healing? 

A: Energy Healing is the transmission of direct healing energy from one entity to another through harnessing the channel of Cosmic, or Source Energy, Planetary Energy and Bodily, or Cellular Energy, inherent in all living things.


Q: If I'm thinking while I'm meditating, am I doing it wrong?

A: Not necessarily. Meditation is not about stopping all mental activity. It is about becoming the witness of your mind, so that it may be cleansed. The mind has the ability to cleanse itself, if we don't interrupt its natural stream of consciousness. This interruption always takes place when our ego becomes involved in our thought patterns.


Q: What can energy healing be used to treat?

A: Energy healing can be used to address any and all forms of illness and injury. The results of the practice, however, should be reasonable as far as expectations are concerned. Energy healing should not necessarily be used to substitute anyone's visit with a primary care or specialty physician, nor is it a quick fix for all ailments, though it can be for some. On many occasions, energy healing is a great way to support the healing process for more severe diagnoses, but can also be used as a sole form of healing within itself. Each case varies. Through a consultation and initial session, the best course of treatment can be determined as well as identifying any forms of supplemental care a client may need.


Q: Are group meditation classes offered?

A: Yes, group classes are available upon request. This applies to students as well, who qualify for special discounts on services. Please leave a comment on the Contact page to ask about special pricing for students.


Q: Do you provide corporate wellness services?

A: Yes. If you are interested in developing a program for your companies' specific needs, please Contact me so we can schedule a meeting to discuss goals for implementing a program to help improve the wellness, happiness, productivity and fulfillment of your valued employees.